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Wu Jialin Lincang, A Mysterious Place(English Chinese Edition)

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  • Author:
    Wu Jialin
  • Publishing Date:
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  • Publishers:
    China Photographic Publishing House
  • EBook Price: $21.47
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Photography has always been regarded as a skill of mechanical reproduction. However, in the case of Mr. Wu Jialin, it is an undisguised skill. Motivated by the desire to set up a system of spiritual value focused on morals for society, he discovered mountains, rivers and boundless wildness and resolutely showed us locality, nature and truth. The filth and mire which keep us from pure land as well as the vulgar things whichpretend to beautify peace and tranquility have never affected him and wereall deserted by him. With regards to this, from the day when I first knew ofWu Jialin and his photos, I began to admire him for his capability of perceiving society and his accuracy of revealing people’s inner world. The excitement of fetishism has no effect on him. Moreover, it is unnecessary forhim to force himself with shudder to indulge in the narcotics after the ceremony of calling back the soul of the dead. He has never pretended himself to be God. The camera in his hand is like his third eye. It opens quietly and calmly, sees things sharply and shoots with the sound of a click. What movesus is that we can see him in each of his photos: modest, lonely, sharp, even indignant and desperate. Whatever it is, it should be

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